eC-consumables / eC-wipes
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Cleaning the eC-stencil after use to completely dry it. Can also be used to clean and dry PCBs and other surfaces.

Do not use for cleaning the eC-stencil while in use as the eC-wipes dry out the eC-solder-paste.

Unique Selling Points

1. manual printed on label
2. easy dispensing tub (15x21cm, 100pcs/tub)
3. cover lid prevents fast drying out of the pre saturated wipes
4. medium to fast evaporation
5. contains solvents which dries quickly
6. lint free and highly absorbant
7. long shelf life

Opening the eC-wipes

1. open the tub
2. pull out the packing
3. cut of the top of the packing with a scissor
4. pull out the first wipe from the centre of the roll
5. close the tub and pull the first wipe through the top
6. to pull out one wipe, pull the wipe and shear it off horizontally

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