eC-prototype-equipment / eC-reflow-pilot
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Description :

Flexible, easy to use software controlling all aspects of the reflow soldering operation


· set temperature: sets the temperature of the preheat stage.

· follow act. temp. program: the preheat stage follows the temperature of the main heat stage with the defined offset.

· temperature correction: sets the offset between main and external sensor. This offset is also displayed.

· reflow hold time: sets the duration of the maximum temperature as defined in the profile. After this temperature is reached it will be held for the specified time.

Download – File transfer from the eC-reflow-mate to the eC-reflow-pilot.

Upload – File transfer from the eC-reflow-pilot to eC-reflow-mate.

COM-Port setup. On first operation, the valid COM port will be shown. If this is not the case, check the control panel / device manager for the suggested COM Port and input the port number in the eC-reflow-pilot options – select serial port in drop-down menu.

Temperature points in the profile can be hidden by dragging them to the beginning of the timeline.

Global parameter should only be changed by the manufacturer or after consultation.

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