eC-prototype-equipment / eC-reflow-mate V4
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eC-reflow-mate V4
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Description :

Bench-top SMD reflow oven for prototypes and small runs

For more info : https://www.eurocircuits.com/ec-equipment-ec-reflow-mate/

* Quartz IR lamps in the bottom and top part of the oven allow preheating and a subsequent fast heat-up for optimum control of the soldering cycle
* Profiles set up and stored on PC via easy-to-use eC-reflow-pilot software
* 32 bit arm processor for more accurate control and to store up to 5 profiles for convenient standalone operation.
* 3.5"" LCD touch screen on machine to select the profile, start and stop the process, open the drawer etc
* Drawer access for easy loading and unloading
* Large window on front for visual process-checking
* Drawer opens automatically after reflow to ensure fast cooling to minimise board stress
* eC-reflow-mate-hood integrated. Extracts soldering fumes as the drawer opens. Coupling at rear to connect to a fume extraction device (not included).
* A separate temperature sensor can be placed on the PCB to measure and display the temperature actually on the board for optimum control
* Insulated casing to minimise energy loss and air circulationensure safe operation
* Drying function included in the preset profiles
* An optional eC-reflow-mate-PCB-holder for small boards. Fully adjustable
* Compact footprint

Solder types : Leaded and unleaded
Maximum PCB size : 350 x 250 mm
Heating method : Quartz IR and ducted forced hot-air
Temperature range : Up to 288°C
Temperature control method : +/- 20°C boost function
Programming : Windows-compatible software
PC link : USB port
Electrical requirements: 230V AC - 50Hz
Power requirements max 3000W
Dimensions : 520 (d) x 620 (w) x 245 (h) mm
Weight : Ca 25 kg


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Tony Jay
6/3/2017 10:31:54 AM
Just Works

Given the lack of proper reviews currently available I will make a review on the eC-reflow-mate-V1 as this is what we have. Basically this re-flow oven just works, we have had ours for many years (4+) and it does exactly what you would expect a batch oven to do. It is compact, well made and is a general good all-round performer. I have personally just seen the V4 at a show in NL and the fundamental heating technology is the same as the V1 however they have improved the below: 1) User Interface with a touch Screen 2) Integrated fume Hood 3) A latch that stop the door flying open too far during the cooling cycle. 4) The combination of 2) and 3) gives faster cool down because of the fume extraction takes away energy from inside oven. I expect there are other improvements but these seem to be the main ones. We have built countless PCBA with this product and the EC-Stencil-mate (along with a Essemtec Semi-automatic PnP) and encountered no issues. Basically we really like the unit and hope to get a V4 very soon once we have extraction sorted.

5/30/2017 10:14:26 AM
Worth the money?

For €3000 you could afford to buy a production line reflow oven! It must be good! I hereby offer to do a You-Tube video review of your oven, if you would like to lend one to me.

Norbert Sack
4/7/2017 8:18:21 AM

Hallo da Sie keinerlei Datnblätter noch Abmessungen auf Ihrer page hinterlegt haben, bitte ich Sie, mir mir ein Datenblatt von dem "eC-reflow-mate V4" an folgende email-Adresse zu senden, norbert.sack@ecom-ex.com sowie eine Bestätigung der Lieferzeit von 4 Wochen, da, wenn ich nicht angemeldet bin, in der Übersicht der "eC-reflow-mate V4" als nicht verfügbar gesetzt ist. Mit freundlichen Grüßen