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USBprog 5.0

Description :

Programmer- und Debugadapter

The USBprog 5.0 OpenOCD is a programmer- and debugadaptor which can be used on any platform Windows, Mac and Linux , without installing extra software. Everything can be manged from using a simple webbrowser. Simple command line tools can be used to control the programmer with Batchfiles or Makefile.

-ARM JTAG/SWD Debugger und Programmer
-AVR ISP Programmer for Flashing Standard Processors
-Levelconvertor (adjustable 1.8V, 3.3V and 5.0V)
-Browser interface for easy operation
-Instructions for integration of Atmel AVR Studio 6
-Webservice interface for command line tools
-Connectivity via USB interface(RNDIS)
-Firmware archive to upload software again in an easy way.

The USBprog 5.0 combines many funtions in one single device while the easy browser operation remove the typical setup-troubles. The USBprog 5.0 works with Windows 7 & 8, MacOS, Linux.

Connect the USBprog5.0 and power on - al you need to do next is browse to :

Programming and debugging has never been so easy !

Visit the product website : click here