eC-prototype-equipment / eC-arm-kit for eC-fume-cube
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eC-arm-kit for eC-fume-cube
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Description :

38mm Stainless Steel Flexible eC-arm-kit for eC-fume-cube from Purex

38mm Stainless Steel Flexible eC-arm-kit For Purex Airflow Valves

Extend your eC-fume-cube !

Attach a stainless steel flexible arm to your fumecube for removal of fumes while handsoldering !

Content : 100295 - Arm Kit
1 x 38mm x 1m stainless steel flexible arm (includes 1 x Support collar and valve)
1 x Clamped bench bracket
1 x Pen-nib nozzle (38mm ID)
1 x Conical cowl (95mm ID)
1 x 51mm x 2m flexible hose with 2 connecting cuffs

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