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Unique Selling Points

1. suitable for soldering/desoldering on the PCB without damaging it
2. small diameter so it fits in small holes and under components (AWG 30)
3. soldering the thermocouple on the PCB gives you the most accurate measurement possible
4. PTE (Teflon) insulation resists high temperatures

eC-thermocouple-advanced is a very thin thermocouple which is applicable for every kind of temperature measurement in any soldering process. Especially this thermocouple is the right choice for profiling your reflow process.

All used materials are resistant to soldering temperatures, therefore this thermocouple is optimized for use inside of the eC-reflow-mate oven. The measuring tip can be soldered to the PCB using our eC-solder-wire-high-temp.

Type: K-type EN 05842:1993 Class 1 / ANSI MC 96.1.

Dimensions: Length: +/-500mm. Measure point (tip): 0.3-0.4mm Wire + insulation: 0.5-0.7mm

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