eC-spare-parts / HEPA Chemical main filter for eC-fumecube
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HEPA Chemical main filter for eC-fumecube
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Description :

HEPA Chemical main filter for eC-fumecube

Replacement HEPA Chemical filter for the eC-fumecube fume extraction system.

Filters small particles @ 99.997% down to 0.3 microns in size and adsorbs a wide variety of gases and vapours.
It is recommended to change the filter each 12 months based on average usage.

Changing the filters on a Purex Fume Extractor is a simple process providing the correct procedure is followed.

WARNING: Before Changing Filters...
-Always turn the unit off and disconnect the unit from the electricity supply.
-Always wear the gloves and mask provided when changing filters.
-Protective eyewear should also be worn.
-Always use the correct form of manual handling as filters may be heavy.
-Always dispose of used filters in accordance with local regulations.

1. Lift the latches on either side of the FumeCube or FumeBuster

lift latch

2. Remove the lid.

remove lid

3. The pre-filter pad is situated in a recess on top of the main filter. Remove the pad and replace it with a new one. Make sure the harder, smoother side of the pad is facing the main filter.

Make sure the pad is aligned in the correct way and that it fits under the edges of the main filter.


4.Remove the main filter by lifting it out of the machine.

main filter

5. Place the used filter in the bag provided and tie the top using the tie wrap provided.

To fit a new filter use the procedure above in reverse.

When inserting a new main filter ensure that the "Airflow Direction" arrow is pointing downwards.


Content :

1x HEPA Chemical main filter for eC-fumecube

Particle Filtration : HEPA
Gas Filtration : Activated Carbon
Length (mm) : 250 - Width (mm) : 237 - Height (mm) : 120 - Weight (Kg) : 3.0

Used filters should be disposed of in accordance with local authority regulations. The company and its agents disclaim all liability and responsibility for any harm, damage, contamination or injury caused by inappropriate handling or use of filters or unlawful disposal

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