eC-consumables / eC-vacuum-pipette
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Unique Selling Points

1. ESD-safe
2. comes with angled and straight pick up needles
3. two sizes of vacuum cups

eC-vacuum-pick is a self contained vacuum pick-up tool, designed for safe handling and positioning of SMD components during assembly and rework of PCBs.

eC-vacuum-pick comes in a very handy pen format and is entirely ESD-safe. The solid aluminum body, the powerful piston mechanism and the ergonomic grip make eC-vacuum-pick the best available portable tool for handling SMD’s. eC-vacuum-pick is available with needle and different sizes of vacuum-cups, so this tool covers a wide range of SMD sizes!

Using the eC-vacuum-pick

1. take the eC-vacuum-pick and push the button
2. place the vacuum cup on the component and release the button
3. vacuum is now activated
4. lift the component and place it on the PCB in the printed eC-solder-paste

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