eC-consumables / eC-solder-wire-high-temp
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Description :


Unique Selling Points

1. increased melting point of 296°C-301°C
2. does not flow during SMD reflow (maximum 230°C-260°C)

Soldering and desoldering the eC-thermocouple-advanced with the eC-solder-wire-high-temp

1. take your eC-solder-wire-high-temp
2. put your solder station at 330°C (melting point of the eC-solder-wire-high-temp is 296°C-301°C)
3. put your eC-thermocouple-advanced on a solder pad used for measuring
4. solder the eC-thermocouple-advanced onto the pad
5. after reflow soldering (maximum temp of 230°C-260°C) remove the eC-thermocouple-advanced with your soldering iron