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Description :


Unique Selling Points

1. heat resistant
2. good tackiness

eC-kapton-tape is an excellent high-temperature resistant tape, which resists to temperatures up to 360°. eC-kapton-tape is very strong, durable and can easily be removed without leaving any residues.

eC-kapton-tape can be used for various applications. Use eC-kapton-tape to fix an eC-thermocouple-advanced on your PCB during reflow soldering.

eC-kapton-tape helps protecting contacts and heat sensitive parts on circuit boards (f.e. connectors).
eC-kapton-tape is also very useful in wave soldering, in which it protects edge connectors, holes and other areas on circuit boards from the solder wave.

Using the eC-kapton-tape

1. cut a piece of the eC-kapton-tape with your scissors
2. place the eC-thermocouple-advanced on a Cu measuring point on the PCB
3. place the eC-kapton-tape over the measuring point to fix the eC-thermocouple-advance